Last Updated: 5/5/2022

Privacy Policy

Trump Collectables Pte. Ltd. (“Trumpcards,” “The Company,” “our,” “we,” and “us”) . This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) delineates how we collect, use, disclose, share,and otherwise process personal information when using Trump Collectables website, the Trump Collectibles mobile application, and the following product specific websites managedby us:  (collectively known as “Sites”); Which in turn, helps you understand and exercise your privacy rights. This Privacy Policy applies whether you access the sites through a computer, mobile device, offerings, sales,marketing, events, other services, or any other means (collectively known as “Services”). This Privacy Policy is not, however, a contract and does not create any legal rights orobligations.


Personal Information

“Personal Information” refers to information that identifies, pertains to, characterises, or may reasonably be attributed, directly or indirectly, to a specific individual. We reserve the right to share aggregated or deidentified information with potential partners or other third parties without limitation, and this Privacy Policy does not prohibit or limit our acquisition and use of such information. The types of personal information we gather are determined by how you engage with us, our Services, and the applicable legal obligations. Trumpcards gather information from you, information we acquire automatically when you use our Services, and information we obtain from other sources such as third-party services and organisations.

Personal information provided in situations such as when you: Provide a name, email address and password upon account creation, Provide any additional information to update your Account such as birthday, mobile number, or address,
Provide preferred notifications and or account currency,
Provide an email address to sign up for newsletter or promotional offerings,
Provide a phone number to sign up for marketing, notifications for promotional happenings, or direct message communication,
Provide information about your interests, how we can connect with you, and your feedback,
Provide any contact information for submission of a survey, subscription, sweep stakes, whitelists, contests, and promotion,
Add any of our products listed on our sites to your collection and/or wishlist,
Provide an email address, company, mailing/shipping address, billing address, contact number, payment information, and/or custom message upon check out,
Provide a name, email address, image and/or custom message in connection with a request, inquiry or comment.


1. Information Directly Provided

     Name and Contact
                   Upon account creation, information such as first and last name, email address, postal address,                    phone number, image, billing information and other similar data.

                   For authentication of an account, security information used for authentication and/or account                    access may be collected. This includes passwords and/or password hints, and similar.

     Purchases and Payment Information
                   Collection of personal data and details pertaining to your purchases. This includes payment                    information, cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date, authentication code, account                    number, billing address, shipping address, postal address and other similar data.

                  Collection of personal data when you register for our newsletter, subscriptions, loyalty program,                   request for customer or technical support, application for jobs, or any other means of                   communication with us.

                  During participation in surveys, requests for personal information may occur. Whitelist, Sweepstakes,                   and/or contests.

    Features that are interactive
                 Personal information that you provide or make available through our interactive features may be                  collected by us and others who use our Services(e.g., messaging and chat features, commenting                  functionalities, forums, blogs, and social media pages). Unless otherwise required by applicable                  law, any information you supply via the Services' public sharing capabilities, will be considered "public"                  and is not subject to the privacy protections stated herein. Please be cautious about disclosing any                  information that could be used to identify you in the physical realm.

   Contests / Whitelists / Sweepstakes
                Personal data of winners that you have provided may be publicly disseminated and shared in some                 cases.

   Business Development
Personal information may be collected from individuals and/or third parties to assess and/or pursue potential business opportunities.

You can choose not to provide us personal information, resulting in limitations in access to certain portions of the sites and features. Products may be purchased when the user is 18 years and above. Trump Card’s primary payment processors has yet to be determined - we will update it once we get more clarity.

2. Information Automatically Collected
     Trumpcards and our third party providers automatically collect certain types of information when you visit      the sites. Examples, not limited to, includes; Name of domain and host from which you access the Internet;        Internet Protocol (IP address) of the device you use; user settings; cookie identifiers; browser operating        system; time and date you access the sites; any linked addresses to the sites; search terms used to source      and find on the sites; types of content you click on; pages you have visited; frequency and duration of your      activities; device identifiers such as mobile and network information; your general geographic location      based on IP address; actions executed while on our sites; as well as information that others provide about      you when they use our services and/or when tagged. In order to enhance your experience on our sites, for      business operations, and to provide optimal relativity of  our products and services to you, collection of      information from our service providers and third parties may     be carried out. Examples, not limited to,      includes; Payment processors, point-of-sale providers, and e-commerce platforms. Our sites may contain      social media links to the respective widgets. These features, when used, may collect your IP address and      set cookies. Your interactions with these respective platforms are governed by the privacy policy of the      company providing it. We may collect information about you when you interact with us via a social media      account, an app store, a third-party login service, or a social networking site, that is made public. This is to      ensure a seamless communication process and to better understand your interests and needs. Collection      of personal data via publicly available sources may be carried out to supplement and/or maintain our      systems.


Information that is collected is used to:
1. Create, manage, and maintain your account and subscription
2. Authenticate and verify individual identities
3. Provide access to certain areas, functions, and features on our site
4. Process, manage, fulfil, and ship any of our products, subscriptions, content, that you request for, have purchased, ordered, returned, or exchanged
5. Obtain research and/or analytics about you such as but not limited to, your interest in, usage of, and purchase of our products and services from our sites or content
6. Replying to customer care or technical support when requested for
7. Assist us in terms of direct marketing, research and development
8. Communicate with you, regarding products or services that might interest you or engage you in
9. Administer prize draws and rewards from competition if you have participated in any
10. Customise, create, and deliver our subscription basis newsletter to you
11. Develop and display third-party advertising content tailored to your interest
12. Improve on our existing sites, functionality, usability, products, content, and services
13. Conduct surveys, sweepstakes, contests, promotions, and marketing
14. Communicate with you regarding your account and activities
15. Allow you to register for events
16. Updating you regarding our policy changes
17. Manage Trumpcards as a business
18. Debugging to identify, prevent, and repair errors within
19. Ensure internal improvements, assessments, quality control, and safety
20. Develop new products that will cater best to our users
21. Prevent, investigate, and/or provide notice of fraudulent, suspicious, criminal, orunlawful activity
22. Processing applications for job seekers
23. Enforce and incorporate our our Terms and other agreements
24. Comply with legal obligations

Trump Card’s referral service allows you to share and/or forward content. Examples include sharing of certain content, inviting your friends to use our services, taking part in sweepstakes together, etc.

Disclosure of personal information is done in ways stated:
     1. Third Parties Service providers - Your personal information is shared with our third-party service to         provide a seamless service. Such providers include Support, maintenance, Operations, Customer Care,         Payment Processing service, Marketing, Shipping Providers, and others. Business ventures/ Partners -         During  collaborations and/or promotions, your personal information may be shared. Advertising/         Marketing - As Trumpcards actively partners with advertising agencies, sharing of your personal         information might occur. Third-party advertising partners may leverage on our services to collect         information regarding activities and your device as described in “Information we collect”. This allows         them to be able to tailor, personalise, and customise adverts to you.

   2. Third Party Application Program Interfaces (API) / Software Development Kits(SDK)Trumpcards may use          API and SDKs to enhance our functionality and usability for our services.

   3. Cookies
        Trumpcards and our third party providers may automatically collect personal information. With the aid of         cookies, small data files, web beacons, datalogging technologies, and/or others. There may be an option         to opt out or to not accept the use of cookies by changing your browser settings, disabling existing         cookies, delete or block cookies, and/or to reject cookies. Do note that by doing so, it may negatively         impact the user experience and some features might not work optimally.

   4. Sales of information
        As permitted by law, your information may be sold or transferred as part of a transaction, in the event that         Trumpcards is involved in an acquisition, merger, receivership, transition of service provider, and/or        others,

   5. Protection of Trumpcards and others
        In the event where we are liable / required to reveal information in compliance to law enforcement or         national security, we may access and/or disclose any personal information stored. Such events includes,         and is not limited to, assisting with an investigation, enforcement of our policies and/or contracts,         collection of bad debts or amount owing, to assist with an investigation of suspected illegal activity. All         above mentioned are done in good faith.

Some websites and stores (online and offline) may use our name or carry our products. Trumpcards have no control and/or are not responsible for such third party websites or stores. We are not represented, affiliated, or liable for the products and/or services offered through those means. Do exercise caution when accessing third party options as your interactions with these options are governed by the privacy policy of the respective companies providing it.

Communication and Marketing
        When you opt out of receiving online interest-based marketing and advertisements, you will not see         advertisements from us. We will not be held accountable for the effectiveness regarding third parties' opt         out options.

       Your personal information that is collected by us will be retained as long as you use our services, for us to        provide a seamless service, to resolve disputes, to conduct audits, to enforce agreements, and to comply        with applicable laws.
       Do note that transference of data might occur all around the world when you provide personal information        to our sites. All information that is processed, transferred, and/or stored by Trumpcards will be        safeguarded under applicable laws.


       We take utmost priority in data protection of our users. We have done due diligence to protect and        safeguard your information to the fullest extent, permitted by applicable rules and regulations. By        providing personal information to us, you automatically agree that in an event of a security breach, we may        reach out to you. Notifications will be posted on our sites, by mail, or via email in the event if such were to        happen.

      The suggested age for Trump Card’s website and user interface is set at 16 years old. We do not collect       data or solicit any personal information from anyone under that age. In the event that Trumpcards come       into knowledge that information of anyone under that age has been collected or has been provided to us in       violation to applicable law, we will delete that information, and the account will also be terminated by us.

     If you have any concerns, questions, and/or comments regarding our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to      reach out to us at